Big White Wall

PrintBig White Wall (BWW) is an online mental health and wellbeing service which has been working with the UK armed forces community since 2011. The service is free for all UK serving personnel, veterans and military families aged 16+ and is available 24/7 at

BWW is supported by the Ministry of Defence, NHS England and Help for Heroes.

Mental health support available:

If you are feeling down, stressed, anxious or need someone to talk to, BWW provides safe, anonymous, 24/7 online mental health support.

On BWW you are not alone – you can share your experiences anonymously with a community of people experiencing common mental health problems or struggling with everyday worries and concerns. You can also access a range of self-help resources on topics such as managing anxiety, cutting down your drinking or getting a better night’s sleep. Trained counsellors (called Wall Guides) are on hand at all times to keep members safe and provide extra support. And, because the service is completely anonymous, no one will know you are using BWW unless you tell them.

95% of members report feeling better as a result of using BWW. One member of BWW said: “I feel that the support given by Big White Wall is fantastic.  You are not judged and you can be yourself.  Most of us are good at hiding our feelings. This is the only place I have felt comfortable in expressing myself.”

It’s easy to join BWW – just go to and click ‘Join now’.